Bespoke Ornaments

Metallic ornaments for the house, home & garden


Private & commercial work

Bespoke commissioned designs for private and commercial spaces


We design & create

Unique and outstanding works of art for the home and garden


Champagne Bowls

Our steel or marble champagne bowls are stylish, elegant and visually striking

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Garden Sculptures

Unique & bespoke steel sculptures for the garden & home. Each sculpture handmade to your choice of finish.

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Water features

Ideal for your garden pond or in a more commercial setting. Whether inside or outside, these water features offer a unique position. Enhancing their locality with a tranquil theme.

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Commercial Work

Commissions taken for the the corporate sector too. Suitable for showrooms, hotels, and shopping centres.


Core-ten weathered steel sculpture 4

Cor-Ten garden sculptures

Constantly changing weathering steel

Water feature (video playing)

Water Features

Beautiful and unique designs

Commercial sculpture - polished steel sphere 4

Polished steel sphere

For interior or exterior spaces

garden sculpture - polished steel dish 4

Polished Discus

Enchanting reflective sculptures